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"Exciting...immense energy...effortless style of conducting"

“Guest conductor Travis Jürgens started the night off with an exciting opening from Antonín Dvořák’s Slavonic Dance No.7. The exuberant introduction to this piece started the concert with immense energy. As it quieted to a softer dance-like melody, it was a joy to see Jürgens’ carefree, seemingly effortless, style of conducting.”

Chelsey Parker, The Lima News
November 2015 

"Travis is a fantastic conductor who not only has excellent technique but also understands the passion within the music he is conducting and conveys it well."

Dan Perttu, composer

April 2024

"Inspired...interesting concerts"

“It seems like the conductor is very inspired at creating new and interesting concerts. His fresh ideas and energetic conducting style is really exciting and I can see all the new potential this orchestra is generating.”
Philharmonia of Kansas City
January 2011



"Remarkable and urgent sense of direction"

“Maestro Jürgens infused the orchestra with a remarkable and urgent sense of direction that I truly haven’t heard since I left Indiana University…. Travis Jürgens, in spite of his young age… has a depth of understanding of music that few individuals his age have…. Maestro Jürgens truly leads and controls the orchestra with clear, concise, and sharp movements that convey, without question, what the orchestra must do for the sake of good Wagner. Mr. Travis Jürgens is going to make a name for himself.

Robin McNeil, Opus Colorado
November 2010

"A superior conductor"

“Most of the sections [of Arvo Pärt’s Silouan’s Song] are subdued and positively shimmered under the hands of Travis Jürgens, who truly is a superior conductor.”

Robin McNeil, Opus Colorado
March 2011 

“The Lamont Symphony was conducted at this performance by Travis Jürgens who is well on his way to becoming a major conductor in the world of symphony orchestras.”

Robin McNeil, Opus Colorado
April 2011


“The Philharmonia did an admirable job of transitioning between the varying tempos and styles…. The orchestra played with a large sound that was delightfully surprising from the small group.”

Anthony Rodgers, Kansas City Metropolis
December 2012


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